About Us:
In 2014 our little family lived in Williston ND. Small town with a big oil addiction. Our mama M would almost have a heart attack every time elder M and mini-M stepped into the parking lot or streets. Oil trucks, and drivers (who were not used to looking out for children) were in abundance. Mama M wanted to drape us head to toe in reflective straps because there was no reflective clothing for kids.

Now there is!

SEE ME is a family owned and operated business headed by the mighty 3 M's: Papa M, elder M and mini M! We have lived all over this beautiful world from the largest cities to the smallest rural communities. As transportation gets larger, days get hotter, and kids get more distracted, life gets a little more dangerous. We want to make sure those fun times are safe for those who love to be out (and about) both in the day.....and night. SEE ME reflect is fun reflective clothing that helps drivers on the streets see you more clearly, and your loved ones stay more protected. Much more affordable (and creative) than construction reflection gear, staying safe should be top priority!

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